Your professor and the Writing Program faculty assess WRIT 1122/1622 by reading student writings at the end of the course. To help this effort and to demonstrate your writing accomplishments, please create a brief portfolio that contains at least three pieces of writing.

At least two of them should be projects you completed during WRIT 1122/1622 this quarter; choose works that best show either 1) your ability to analyze the rhetorical strategies in texts written by others, or 2) your ability to produce effective texts for specific rhetorical situations, or 3) both.

The third piece of writing should be a short Introductory Essay that explains the first two. For each piece: 1) briefly describe the assignment (after all, most of your readers won’t be familiar with your course); 2) explain the rhetorical situation for your work; and 3) discuss elements of your writing that illustrate your ability to analyze rhetorical strategies, to produce rhetorically effective texts, or both.

Please cut and paste all of these papers into one file. First should be your Short Introductory Essay, followed by the other pieces, in the order that makes sense to you. (If you cannot combine files into one file, then talk to your professor about how best to number your files so that they stay organized).

Feel free to include links to multimedia projects (e.g., YouTube videos, Instagram stories, Tumblrs, blogs) in your introductory essays if those are the projects you have selected.

Once you have your combined file, you should email your professor with this file as an attachment.

Thank you!  All of us in the writing program look forward to reading your work.


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